bloody hell… now that is snow.

here is the view from the office this morning… it’s not actually that blue. I think that’s either the early morning light – 8am, or my phone camera is jiggered.

hope you had a nice chrimbo and a happy new year. I am currently engaged on a new year detox which basically means now booze, no bread, no red meat and no potatoes. And nothing processed.

It’s five days without booze today. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went that long without a drink. Got to be done though, for the sake of the liver. Poor thing. It had some hammer over christmas. Actually it’s had some hammer over the last 20 years so my new years resolution is to be nicer to it. that and to wear more hats. Although I don’t suit hats, so I might have to re-evaluate that one.

There are people who do suit hats, they are people like Brad Pitt, Tom Baker, Samual L Jackson, my mate Matt and Sir Ian McKellen.

Other people, like me, don’t suit hats. And I have tried. I’ve tried beanies, but I look l.ike Cartman. I’ve tried a flatcap, but it just made me look desperately northern. I used to wear a Kangol, backwards… for about a week. Then I think the style police took it away for my own safety. I’ve evern tried one of those Nepalese things that come down over your ears but I look like a Blade Runner fugitive. First hat I had was aged 10… I think. It was a Stetson with ‘I Shot JR’ emblazoned upon it. It was from a market somewhere in the mists of time, a present from an auntie who said: “that’s your birthday present,” six weeks before my birthday. I didn’t even really want it.

I’m not brave enough to try a fedora, or a trilby, they either trap my ears or just perch up on top making me look like a pretentious Mr Potato Head.

No, I’m more of a scarf man.

Anyway, off to the kitchen to make a nice plate of salad. Just what you need on a day like today, then back in here to start doing my tax.

Oh happy days.

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