My obsession with Maine Coon’s

I bought my first Maine Coon in April 1987, Koonluv Theodora Roosevelt a tortie & white. A bit if a ragbag both in looks and temperament but in retrospect one of the best breeding girls I have ever had. She managed this house with a rod of iron for twelve years. She is greatly missatalanta0001-50pced, a true matriarch.

I started showing at the ‘Kentish’ in October 1990 with Adkrilo Eric Augustus. He won a merit and was placed in all his other classes. I was hooked, but Eric hated the traveling so I bought a couple of silver tabby boys, who I showed for several years.

In the August of 1991, Theodora had a stunning kitten, Noracoon Ernestina Mallory a tortie smoke & white. She became GCCF’s first Premier & Grand brit_0001Premier and the first to win a UK Grand Premier certificate. Her sister Noracoon Julilla also became Grand Premier but was always in Mallory’s shadow.

During 1994 – 1995 I started visiting the USA and met Linda Komar (Angtini’s). She has helped me source quite a few cats, the most notable being UK Grand Champion Verismo Britannicus whose mother she bred. Having completed quarantine, I started to show ‘Brit’ in 1996. He is undoubtedly one of the most successful show Maine Coons, a true showman. In total I have imported ten Maine Coons into Britain with varying pedigrees and looks. They are all lovely cats and I am very grateful to those breeders in the USA and Canada for entrusting them to me.

I specialize in the silver series tabbies, shaded and smokes. Reds & torties are a particular favourite and recently I have gone back to breeding solids. Hopefully later this year I will also hdrussilaave my first white Maine Coon kittens. When Olde Chelseailiona0001-50pc‘s Liberty, (yellow eyed white), comes out of quarentine. Also we are looking forward to Dajania’s Hooch, (a black), coming home, he is together with Liberty. They will be home around the 2nd June 2002.

I am also involved in clubs and shows. I am treasurer of the National Cat Club, Show Manager for the Essex Cat Club. Training in Merchant services view here, and I am training to be a judge at the moment, all this within the GCCF.

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