Introducing Barbara Camelford

Barbara Camelford, my Homeopath, is fully insured and practises in accordance with a strict Code of Ethics & Practice. pestleBarbara trained in homeopathy at the British School of Homeopathy in Birmingham. Her work in homeopathy is her passion, she sees it as the most effective of many therapies and spends much time trying to ‘spread the word’. She talks passionately and interestingly about the subject, and will give ‘free’ talks to any group that would like to understand more about homeopathy or any of the therapies that she works with.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy energises the body to alleviate the symptoms that already exist and at the same time reduce the susceptibility of the body to further dis-ease, thus bringing health and comfort.

It is one of the most effective complementary treatments and is based on unique principles. It involves the Homeopath taking information from the patient regarding physical, emotional, mental and characteristic symptoms; what is happening now; what led up to it; what was happening when your symptoms started. A remedy is then found that matches those symptoms as closely as possible.

thymeRemedies are made from natural substances, which if used in full strength would produce symptoms similar to those they are designed to treat. They are tested on human volunteers. A symptom caused by a remedy in a healthy person can cure a sick person suffering from similar symptoms.

This gives us the principle of Like Cures Like.

The substances are diluted many times over which enhances their healing properties. The extent of dilution gives the potency. This gives us the principle of Less Cures More.

Homeopathy takes the energy from the diluted substance to activate the healing power of the body.

The principle of homeopathy can be applied to any condition because it is broken down into symptoms that are physical, mental or emotional.

What are Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathic remedies made from many varied sources including plants and minerals and many more, and are diluted many times until only the energy of the original material remains.


  • are not drugs and are not tested on animals
  • stimulate the body to heal itself
  • are non toxic and non habit-forming
  • will not interfere with drugs from your Doctor
  • are a safe and gentle form of natural treatment for any set of symptoms

Who can Benefit?

Anyone! Homeopathy can be used for everyone and everything.

Homeopathy is invaluable in treating

  • infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly
  • those who are weak
  • those who are working under stress and feel unable to cope through shock, grief of bereavement or feeling ‘alone’
  • women who struggle through transitional periods of their lives such as puberty when they might have problems with menstruation; childbirth and the menopause. It can provide a natural alternative to HRT.
  • those who have symptoms that they think they have to ‘live with’
  • those who have a ‘compulsive’ disorder’
  • any child or adult who has had their health deteriorate after a vaccination
  • arthritis and rheumatism sufferers
  • and much more …..

Babies and children can derive excellent benefit for symptoms like colic, teething, behavioural problems, symptoms after vaccination, sleep problembasket_flowerss. Even newborn babies can benefit.

The treatment of stress allows the homeopath to treat the cause and it builds the energy levels to allow each person to be able to lead their life without succumbing so easily to more stress that will knock them down again.

One area that is least understood is the treatment of homeopathy for mental and emotional problems. If you have suffered a loss, whether it is a loved one of any kind, a business, or a job and feel unable to cope through grief or to accept life in a different way to that which you imagined, then homeopathy will help you to become strong again increasing self-esteem and confidence to achieve goals.

It will help to change your attitude to loneliness and grief and allow you to get on with your life in a positive manner.

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