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If you found this site by searching through “custom guitar” websites you will already be aware of the huge variety of excellent custom built guitars that are available from a seemingly infinite number of Luthiers.

My aim is to help you to get the guitar you want and deserve

There’s never been a better time to buy a guitar that is made specifically for you. I build guitars from about $1200. For that you get a guitar that has the scale length you want, the neck profile you want, a body that is tailored to your exact requirements with your own preferred pick-up and control arrangement. Even the fingerboard radius and fret profile is exactly what you want it to be. All of it uniquely hand made and assembled with precision and dedication.

All the tone-woods used are selected from the top 10% available, which means they are visually and acoustically excellent. Find out more about our commitment to quality

Where are you going to find a production guitar like that at that price? In fact double it and ask yourself the same question. – Answer: – Nowhere!

Custom guitar builders make guitars with all the qualities you’d expect from a very expensive vintage guitar combined with all the advantages of modern electrics, hardware and finishes.

The guitars shown on this site are here to give you some idea of what’s already been done and what’s possible. They do not constitute all that is on offer.

All the hardware used are selected on the basis of its engineering excellence. Solid CNC machined bridges from ABM and Schaller. Gotoh “Floyd Rose” and Wilkinson tremolos. Beautifully smooth and reliable machine heads from Schaller, Grover and Gotoh make up just a small part of the line up available. Piezzo electric bridges from companies like Schaller, Graph Tech and ABM can also be fitted to add that acoustic sound to your guitar’s range.

All the tonewoods used are selected from the top 10% available, which means they are visually and acoustically excellent.

All adhesives, wood treatments, lacquers and paint systems are selected from only the most respected manufacturers.

  • The Hardware and timber used ensures that your custom guitar sounds as good as it is possible to make it. Find out more about our philosophy on construction
  • Custom guitars are designed using sound engineering principles and are made to exacting standards of fit.
  • Each neck is hand made and matched to each individual body to give a precision fit into the neck pocket, a crucial feature where sustain and acoustic coupling are concerned.

The neck is attached by means of a unique six-bolt system through brass inserts in the body The six “Spax” screws produce a very high clamping load, well in excess of that required to simply hold the guitar together. This feature, combined with the interference fit in the neck pocket acoustically couples the neck and body giving a lower, single resonant frequency unlike some other bolt on systems where the neck and body are effectively decoupled. The absence of a flat neck plate also allows a more ergonomic form to be used at the neck / body interface.