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This is one of the few Vs that I’ve built but I’m really pleased that I had the chance to do it. The composite through neck design, 5A quality mahogany, maple and ebony gives an extremely rigid structure especially when combined with a maple bound 24 fret ebony fingerboard.

The neck profile is asymmetric being slightly more full on the bass side than the treble side. The body is Brazilian mahogany; some of the last of my precious store of this material, with a flame maple top. Pickups are from the ubiquitous Bare Knuckle guys controlled through a three way selector and two tone and two volume controls. The tone controls have push-push switches built in to give series / parallel switching for the humbuckers. Machines and trem are from Gothoh. The gloss top and satin finished back and neck are by courtesy of Sims Custom Paint shop.

The basic remit for the DN12-6 was to build a double neck guitar that would stand out from the crowd but carry certain themes and attributes from the customer’s (Huw’s) much loved LP Standard.

Huw had owned a Gibson EDS1275 but couldn’t get on with the lack of balance and the poor access to the upper frets. Being a Les Paul fan he contacted me to make his dream guitar; a double neck that would compliment his LP but stand out as custom guitar in its own right.

The necks are mahogany, maple and walnut composites with 22 fret book-matched flame maple fingerboards. The mahogany body has the same maple and walnut stripe to carry the theme through from the necks and has an 18mm hand carved maple cap. Machine heads are Gotoh, bridges by ABM.

The pickups on the twelve string side are Bare Knuckle “Stormy Mondays” and Gibson Burstbuckers on the six string side. The twelve string side of the body is chambered to give a lighter more acoustic sound but the “Stormy Mondays” still sound absolutely orchestral.

Another total one off the FB602 (Fireball) which was built to a design supplied by the customer has a mahogany body and a three piece maple laminate neck. The body has comfort contouring on the back and the back of the neck pocket is profiled to give full access to the upper frets. The neck combines a full fat “C” profile and block inlays with an inverted Jackson inspired headstock with white binding to both the fingerboard and headstock. The finger board is ebony with 22 Dunlop 6000 frets. The Schaller 456 bridge incorporates fine tuners and the headstock carries Schaller chrome locking M6 machine heads.

Pickups are from EMG controlled via a three-way selector and a master volume control. This connects to amp via a Strat style jackplate set into the lower edge of the guitar just below the volume control.

The MDV602 is a bit of a departure from conventional tone wood combinations and is the result of some very lengthy discussions to target the construction around getting real bass and middle drive with great sustain, top end clarity and string definition.

The neck is a five piece composite of mahogany maple and walnut. Add to this an ebony fingerboard with maple binding and you have a complex and extremely stiff fabrication that can transmit every part of the tonal spectrum. The 24 frets are Dunlop 6000 on a 648mm scale length; the nut is from Graph Tech.

The body is a fairly dense swamp ash with the grain stained black before being rubbed back and finished in whale blue. The bare knuckle pickups; a ceramic Warpig at the bridge and a Cold Sweat at the neck are controlled via a five way selector, two pull push switches for phase and parallel / series switching and two vol and one tone control.

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