Custom MG Guitars

I built this guitar as bit of a test bed for different ideas but instead of flogging it off, as I try to do with prototypes, I liked it so much that I kept it for myself. I’ve made more MGs than any other single type of guitar. Having said that it’s only a basic principal that defines it as an MG and all the MGs I’ve built have been very different in their own sweet way.

The MG602 pictured (“Lenin”- it’s a red lefty) has a Brazilian mahogany body and neck and is finished in dark cherry red. The neck has 24 frets on a 648mm (25.5″) scale length. The bridge comes from Schaller, as do the machines. Pickups are by Kent Armstrong.

This blue flame top is a particular favourite. The body carving is a bit harder edged and more rock ‘n roll than some of the others. The lack of pickup mounts (pickups are direct mounted to the body) and the all black hardware adds to this effect.

The through body stringing with this combination of materials, mahogany / maple body and mahogany / ebony neck; combined with Dimarzio Air Zone and Air Norton Pickups, gives a rich powerful tone that you just won’t find in an off the shelf guitar. The pickups are also coil tapped so you can get almost any sound you want. The headstock has black chrome Schaller machines and an African ebony face veneer.

Sounds well meaty in C# tuning.

Basically similar to the Blue MG this guitar differs inasmuch as it has a rosewood fingerboard, with 22 jumbo frets, and a rosewood head veneer, Schaller bridge and machines and Kent Armstrong pickups. The neck is also set back 2 degrees from the body to accommodate the Schaller bridge height. This gives a slightly different ergonomic feel.

The pickups are reverse mounted and coil tapped via pull-push switches on the control knobs. You can get the Strat quack and the Tele twang in addition to the full fat “humbucker in mahogany” sound. This guitar has got the lot! Come to think of it this one could easily be my favourite.

The MG602F pictured (“Scarlet O’Hara”) has a Brazilian mahogany body with a hand carved flame maple top that is finished in scarlet translucent lacquer. The mahogany neck has 22 frets on a 635mm (25″) scale length. The “Faux” binding is natural flamed maple.

Like the MG602ML this guitar has a Brazilian mahogany body (slightly different shape) and a Brazilian mahogany neck. Where it differs is in the use of African Ebony for the fingerboard, 22 frets to give slightly better pickup spacing and through body stringing. The translucent red lacquer finish on the body and neck is very similar to a vintage SG but the sound is warmer and fatter. This particular machine has coil tapped Kent Armstrong pickups with alnico magnets at the neck and slightly brighter ceramics at the bridge. The ebony fingerboard has 22 medium profile frets on a 648mm (25,5″) scale.

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