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Hank Taylor – Hand-Made Violins and Celtic Instruments




Hank Taylor grew up working with wood, and over the years he has developed an appreciation for its many uses. He comes from several generations of woodworkers, and uses many family heirloom tools to create his fine instruments.


In 1970, Mr. Taylor began to devote serious time and energy to woodcarving. It wasn’t long before he started creating unique wood sculptures. He carried out his original designs in a variety of woods – using hand tools almost exclusively – and he experimented with a variety of finishing techniques. His works won numerous awards at art festivals and exhibitions.

Instrument Making

In 1980, Mr. Taylor began crafting medieval psalteries. His research influenced him to make a Celtic bowed lyre known by its Welsh name, crwth (pronounced crooth). In addition to his instrument building, during this time he did repair work for a local string shop. He also found time to put his extensive woodworking skill to a very practical use. He acquired a saw mill, cut and milled local wood, and used it in making a house that he designed and built. He still lives and works in this home with his wife and four children.


Mr. Taylor returned to instrument building in the late 1990’s. He began an intensive study of violin making. After two years of research, he completed his first violin in Spring 2001. Part of the reason his finely crafted instruments sound so good is that Mr. Taylor is a violinist. He has played with the Big Bend Community Orchestra in Tallahassee and he is also an award-winning fiddler, accomplished in Old Time Appalachian and Celtic styles. Mr. Taylor is a member of the Violin Society of America.